Urban Marginality

“Designing Urban Seclusion in the 21st Century.” Perspecta: The Yale Architectural Journal 43 (2010): 165-178.

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Reprints and Translations:

German translation: forthcoming in a special issue of Geographische Zeitschrift on “New Perspectives on Urban Poverty in North and South America” (edited by Ulrike Gerhard and Eberhard Rothfuß), Summer 2011.
French translation: forthcoming in Transeo (Spring 2011).
Portuguese translation: forthcoming in Sociologia (Porto), Summer 2010.
Spanish translation: forthcoming in Mireia Belil, Jordi Borja and Marcelo Corti (eds.), A nova cidade, Barcelona, Fundacio Forum, 2011; also forthcoming in Herramientas, special dossier on “The Urban Question,” 47, October 2011.

“The Body, the Ghetto and the Penal State.” Qualitative Sociology 32-1 (March 2009): 101-129.

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Reprints and Translations:

Portuguese translation: “O corpo, o gueto, e o Estado penal: no campo com Loïc Wacquant,” Etnografica, 12-3, November 2008: 453-484.
Brazilian translation: (adapted and edited by Raphael F. Alvarenga): “O corpo, o gueto, e o Estado penal: no campo com Loïc Wacquant,” Sinal de Menos, vol. 1, no. 3, October 2009, pp. 5-25.
French original: (abridged): “Le corps, le ghetto et l’État pénal,” Labyrinthe, 31, Fall 2008, pp. 71-91; full version on line.
Spanish translation: “El cuerpo, el gueto y el Estado penal,” Apuntes de investigacíon (Buenos Aires), 16, Fall 2009, pp. 99-132; also in Etnografias contemporaneas (Buenos Aires).
German translation: (revised, abridged version) forthcoming in Robert Schmidt (eds.), Thick Comparison, Suhrkamp Verlag, 2009.

“From Slavery to Mass Incarceration: Rethinking the ‘Race Question’ in the United States.” New Left Review, 2nd series, 13 (February 2003): 40-61.

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Reprints and Translations:

Reprinted in Donaldo Macedo and Panayota Gounari (eds.), The Globalization of Racism, Chicago, Paradigm Publishers, 2005, pp. 94-110.
Reprinted in Peter Beilharz (ed.), American Postwar Critical Thought, London, Sage Publications, 2005, pp. 94-110.
Reprinted in Ian Haney López (ed.), Race, Law and Society (International Library of Essays in law and Society series), Avebury, Ashgate, 2006.
Reprinted in www.blackagendareport.com (Fall 2007).
Reprinted in Michael Tonry (ed.), Why Punish? How Much? A Reader on Punishment, Oxford, Oxford University Press, 2010, pp. 387-402.
French translation: “De l’esclavage à l’emprisonnement de masse. Notes pour repenser la ‘question raciale’ aux Etats-Unis,” in Patrick Weil and Stéphane Foix (eds.),L’Esclavage, la colonisation, et après, Paris, Presses Universitaires de France, 2005, pp. 247-274.
German translation: “Von der Sklaverei zur Masseneinkerkerung. Zur ‘Rassenfrage’ in den Vereinigten Staaten,” Das Argument (Berlin), 252, Special issue “Amerika Denken,” Fall 2003, pp. 529-545.
Spanish translation: De la esclavitud al encarcelamiento masivo,” New Left Review (Spanish edition, Madrid), 13, March-April 2002, pp. 38-58.
Reprinted as “De la esclavitud al encarcelamiento masivo. Pensar de nuevo la ‘cuestión racial’ en Estados Unidos,” in Elizabeth Cunin (ed.), Textos en diáspora. Una antología sobre afrosescendientes en América, Mexico, La Paz, Buenos Aires: CEMCA – IFEA – CFA, 2008, pp. 227-260.
Brazilian translation: “Da escravidão ao encarceramento massivo: repensando a ‘questão racial’ nos Estados Unidos,” Revista do Departamento de Psicologia da UFF (Rio de Janeiro), October 2005; also in Emir Sader (ed.), Contragolpes, São Paulo, Boitempo, 2006.

“Territorial Stigmatization in the Age of Advanced Marginality.” Thesis Eleven, 91 (November 2007): 66-77.

[PDF – English] [PDF – Français/French] [PDF – Español/Spanish]

Reprinted in Jarmo Houtsonen and Ari Antikainen (eds.), Symbolic Power in Cultural Contexts: Uncovering Social Reality, Rotterdam: Sense Publishers, 2007, pp. 43-52; forthcoming in Gerhard Preyer (ed.), Globalization and the Evolution of Membership, New York, Routledge, 2009; forthcoming in Bas van Heuer, Jenny Kunkel and Margit Mayer (eds.), Under Construction: Local Struggles, Grounding Neoliberalism, London, Palgrave Macmillan, 2010; also in Cosmopolis (Rome), 3-2, Spring 2008; also in Protosociology, 26, Fall 2009, pp. 221-232.
Portuguese translation: “A estigmatização territorial na idade da marginalidade avançada,” Sociologia. Problemas e práticas (Lisboa), 16, Fall 2006, pp. 27-39.
German translation: “Territoriale Stigmatisierung im Zeitalter fortgeschrittener Marginalität,” Das Argument (Berlin), 271, June 2007, pp. 399-409, with a response by Mario Candeias, “Das unmögliche Prekariat: Antwort auf Wacquant,” idem, pp. 410-418.
Spanish translation: “La estigmatización territorial en la edad de la marginalidad avanzada,” Ciências sociais unisinos (Montevideo), 43-3, December 2007, pp. 193-199; also in Renglones (Guadalajara), 60, March-August 2009, pp. 16-22; new translation reprinted in Ignacio González Sánchez (ed.), Teoría social, marginali dad avanzada y Estado penal. Aproximaciones al trabajo de Loïc Wacquant, Madrid, Dykinson Impresa, 2011.
Turkish translation: “Ilerlemis marjinallik caginda bölgesel damgalama,” Birikim  (Istambul), 219, July 2007, pp. 52-58.
Swedish translation: “Territoriell stigmatisering vid längt avancerad marginalitet,” Socialvetenskaplig Tidskrift, 14-4, Summer 2007, pp. 296-304.
Hungarian translation: forthcoming in Fordulat  (Budapest), Thematic issue on gentrification and marginality, June 2011.
Italian translation: in Cirro Pizzo (ed.), Exodus, Macerata, Quodlibet, 2010.

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